What Lesson This Time?

The Lord continues to challenge me to become stronger.  With my brother-in-law’s funeral behind us we look at tomorrow and our trip to Milwaukee for my brother’s funeral.  In the midst of grieving I am still plagued by health and financial issues. 

What am I to learn from this?  How can I become stronger? The first thought that comes to mind is God’s promise to make good come from all things (Rom 8:28). What good can come from all this heartache and pain is the next question.

Let’s go back to Jenny’s death over four years ago.  What good came from that?  First I had peace knowing she went to be with Jesus and I will see her again.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t mourn her or miss her now.  That just means that I believe what God’s Word says about everlasting life.

Another good that came from this was that many lives have been touched through Jenny’s story.  Not only have they been touched, but many of them have come to know the Lord since then.  Now, that is GOOD! 

What positive can I see now in the loss of family this time?  Again, I rest in the promise of salvation to all who believe so I know I will see my loved ones again in heaven.  The other blessing for me is that as with just about every wedding or funeral, family from all across the nation come together to mourn and support each other.  Not only will my children and grandchildren be with me on this day but my brother, sister and nephew, all from out of state, are making the trip.  We will celebrate Tom’s life together.

So I’m back to the questions what can I learn and how can I become stronger?  Well, once again I go back to His Word.  My belief in Rom 8:28 has been reinforced.  I see good and positive blessings all around me despite my situation.  Seeing that truth in action strengthens me.

Trials are like exercise for our “spiritual muscles”.  As we work out in the gym of life, just when we get comfortable and confident dealing with the lifting the current load God gave us, He challenges us by adding more weight to our barbell, so to speak.  We look at Him like He’s crazy, that there’s no possible way we can do this. We may even argue with Him in attempt to convince Him to remove some of the weight and make things easier.  He usually ignores those pleas and continues with our ‘personal training’.

As He puts His hand on our shoulder, He nods His head as if to say – go ahead, give it a try. He gives a comforting and encouraging smile and stands right next to us, assuring us that He’s not leaving.  If we trust Him, the next thing we know is we are lifting all the weight, even the extra He added.  The more we practice, the more trials we endure, the better and stronger we get. 

So, I’ve learned that even though I don’t always like “working out” in the gym of life, it is necessary.  With persistence, patience, determination and mostly God’s help, I can lift and endure any load God asks me to.  My body and spirit get stronger.  Does that answer the question?  Hope so.


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