If you are like me, you have boxes of pictures that just can’t find their way into a phone album.  After Jenny’s death I found the motivation to take care of some of those pictures.

            I had only done one scrapbook prior to this so I wasn’t completely confident in the dos and don’ts of the craft.  Not having a complete vision for the project in my mind, I randomly bought supplies hoping I’d be inspired later on.  When a particular design caught my eye, I’d buy it, not knowing for sure if or how I’d use it, but at least I had it for an option.

            The first step was to dig through the photo albums I did have filled.  Well, I found out they weren’t as filled as I thought.  Through the years my older girls had taken their favorite pictures out of the albums without me knowing about it.  Not to worry.  I still had plenty, especially with the pictures in the boxes that my girls didn’t know about. J

            Each picture of Jenny was carefully scrutinized and examined.  Was it exactly what I wanted in the scrapbook or not?  As I reminisced I was thankful for the dates written on the back of the pictures.  (That was before digital cameras and the automatic date printing on each picture.)  Becky and Jenny looked a lot alike, especially when they were younger so those dates sure came in handy.

            The table I set up for this project became cluttered with pictures, scrapbook materials and any other supplies I thought I may need.  Not sure where to start, I decided to start at the beginning, Jenny’s beginning.  Pictures of our just hours old, new baby girl start things out.  As I searched further I found birthday pictures and other reminders of special events.  Each photo held an extra special place in my heart this time.

            As I attempted to unfold her life and death in this book, the tears and memories would demand I take a break.  My heart could only handle so much pain at one time.  A page here and a page there was all I could manage and then came the funeral part.

            As painful as it was, it was also therapeutic.  I’ll never forget that day; the scores of friends and family who came to say good-bye to my little girl and to give support and comfort to her grieving family.  This all made an impression on me, one that will last forever.  The scrapbook serves two purposes.  It helped me work through the pain by celebrating her life and it keeps her close by being something tangible to hold on to. 



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